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Category: Philosophical Commentary

Quarantine, Mental Health, and Philosophical Thinking

A short consideration of mental health and the role of philosophical thinking during the COVID-19 Crisis

The Trigger Gave: Meursault’s Confrontation with the Absurd

Written on Albert Camus’ The Stranger for a philosophy course at Boston University. Follows the prompt, “engage with the contention that Meursault is honest.”

Reflections on Plato’s Dialogues

Early reflections on Plato’s dialogues (Ion, Shorter Hippias, Laches, Symposium, Euthyphro, Apology, Crito, Phaedo). Edited to add gender-inclusive pronouns and correct a few misused words. In the interest of keeping this old and rather basic analysis intact, I have not corrected any of the misinterpretations of the texts I may have made at the time.

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