Existential Dabbling

The Filibuster vs. Multiracial Democracy

Written for Journalism 100

The Deceptions of Albert Speer: Shifting Shapes of a Holocaust Perpetrator

Written for Fr. Dennis McManus in his Holocaust Autobiography course at Georgetown in spring of 2021

The Self-ing of Shlomo Venezia

Written for Fr. Dennis McManus’s “Holocaust Autobiography” course at Georgetown in Spring 2021. Deals with the narrative of Holocaust survivor and Sonderkommando Shlomo Venezia.

Quarantine, Mental Health, and Philosophical Thinking

A short consideration of mental health and the role of philosophical thinking during the COVID-19 Crisis

Why the Clown Laughs

Bring in the clowns!

Living with Asperger’s

A stream of consciousness piece about my experience living with Asperger’s Syndrome.

The Murderer of All Murderers

Originally published on listed date, but tweaked over the years to clarify thoughts and and fine-tune work

The Trigger Gave: Meursault’s Confrontation with the Absurd

Written on Albert Camus’ The Stranger for a philosophy course at Boston University. Follows the prompt, “engage with the contention that Meursault is honest.”

Where the Demon Hides

Poem written in 2019

My Nightly Companion

Stream-of-consciousness, written in 2019

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